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Two More Organizations joined the Armenian CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition


On 10 October, the session of the Governing Board of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Armenian Civil Society Organizations was held. Mr. Tevan Poghosyan, the Chairman of the Coalition Governing Board presided the session. Mr. Karen Zadoyan, Coordinator of Secretariat of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition and President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association presented the activities of the […]

Exclude the Current Outflow of Assets from the Territory of the RA


ANNOUNCEMENT of the Governing Board of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations of Armenia 23.04.2018, Yerevan Considering the priority the current situation in the Republic of Armenia and the need for constructive dialogue between the public, political forces and the authorities at present and the need for constructive dialogue between the society, the […]

The Session of the Governing Board of Armenian CSO Coalition took place


The Armenian CSOs’ Coalition has presented to the Anti-Corruption Council a number of reform proposals in the in Health, Education, Police and State Revenue Collection sectors. The majority of those reforms proposals were admitted by independent experts of the expert center adjunct to the Council. These recommendations will be included in the 2015-2018 Anti-Corruption Strategic […]

“CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia” forms the Anti-Corruption Agenda


The Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Armenia has played a major role in social and political life during this and the last year

The Country that Is Clean of Corruption Is a Prosperous, Developing Country


An idea is the most expensive thing. Ideas change systems. It is with good ideas that we can effectively combat corruption in our country. This is the approach adopted at the Youth-Business-Government Anti-Corruption Working Meeting. High school and university students participated in the meeting. Eva Tovmasyan, a student at Heratsi High School, already has a goal […]

We dream to live in a Country that is Free from Corruption: Karen Zadoyan


Many decades ago Martin Luther King dreamt to live in a state where everyone has equal rights. Today we dream to live in Armenia that is free from corruption today. President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association (ALA), Coordinator of the Secretariat of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition Karen Zadoyan said this at the expanded working meeting of the Government-Civil Society Anti-Corruption Working Group.

There Is No Healthcare System in Armenia. It Is rather a System for Keeping Patients


Ashot Melkonyan, the Health Care Expert at the “Center for Regional Development and Research” NGO, finds that it is necessary to introduce systemic changes in order to eliminate the problems in the health system

The Independent Anti-Corruption Model has Significant Advantages over other Models


Participants of the first meeting of the Public Council at the Minister of Justice discussed th legislative package aimed at large scale fight against corruption, which specifically referred to the creation of an independent anti-corruption body, criminalization of illicit enrichment and introduction of the institute of identification of real owners in the public procurement system.

Fight against Corruption in Local Government Bodies must be Systemic


The government should show success stories in the fight against corruption and the public will feel these changes in the life, that there is a progress – a positive move

The State and the Civil Society fight Against Corruption in the Procurement Sector


The war changed many things; the war showed that corruption has the color of blood. Mr. Karen Zadoyan, the Coordinator of CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition Secretariat believes that fight against corruption, especially on the background of the war, must be uncompromising