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AAC against Public Service Entity


On 01.12.2011, A.P. from Kokhb village of Tavush marz applied to Tavush AAC and informed that the gas meter device of their flat was substituted on planed basis. The employees of Noyemberyan Department of HayRusGasArd CJSC did not register any defects or problems when changing the device.
The citizen also informed that on 14 November 2011 the employees of Noyemberyan Department of HayRusGasArd CJSC demanded that he should pay 93579.6AMD for substitution, transportation and repair of the gas meter, saying that there was an external interference upon the gas meter. They provided the opinion compiled on 21.01.2010 on this fact, and a notice signed by the Deputy Head of Noyemberyan Department of HayRusGasArd CJSC, but the note lacked the date. The citizen did not pay this sum and as a result the inspector of Noyemberyan Department of HayRusGasArd CJSC terminated gas supply of the citizen’s flat in November 2011.
In compliance with the requirement of Clause 42 of the Contract on usage of natural gas for domestic purposes the costs for purchase, assembly and utilization are covered by the supplier.
According to Clause 7.1 (d) of the same Contract the supplier may temporarily terminate or stop the gas supply of the recipient in case of usage of the gas with intentional interference in the work of gas meter.
However the provided document no external interference was registered during the planned substitution of the device, consequently the fact of intentional violation of the requirements and usage of gas was not founded in any way. On this assumption termination of the gas supply of the recipient was realized in violation of the requirements of the above mentioned Contract and without any legal grounds.
Considering the existing situation and the fact that gas supply of HayRusGasArd CJSC’s recipient was terminated, Tavush AAC compiled an application and sent it to Mr. V. Harutyunyan, Head of the Board, CEO of HayRusGasArd CJSC.
Just after three days the recipient’s gas supply was restored and the act of 93579,6 AMD was annulled. The citizen expressed his deepest gratitude to the AAC for the legal support provided.