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Judiciary Rights of the Citizen restored


Pursuant to Article 18 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, “Everyone shall be entitled to effective legal remedies to protect his/her rights and freedoms before judicial as well as other public bodies.”
As far back as in 2011, Ms M.A. from Mayisyan Community of Shirak marz applied to Shirak AAC with request to restore her infringed judiciary rights.
After examining her case Shirak AAC revealed that the property, which the citizen had inherited, was illegally used by other persons. M.A had filed a claim to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Marz with request to free the property from illegal possession. On 23.05.2012, the court decided to return the claim without proper reasoning and thus violated the judiciary rights of the citizen.
Shirak AAC appealed the decision to return the appeal of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Marz to return the appeal in the RA Administrative Civil Court of Appeals.
On 22.06.2012, the RA Administrative Civil Court of Appeals accepted the case to procedure and on 31.07.2012 took a favorable decision for the applicant. In result the Constitutional and judiciary rights of the citizen were restored and she obtained opportunity to protect her infringed rights in court.