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“CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia” forms the Anti-Corruption Agenda


“The Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Armenia has played a major role in social and political life during this and the last year,” Mr. Karen Zadoyan, Coordinator of the Secretariat of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia said today at the meeting of the Governing Board of the Coalition today.

“Most importantly, the Coalition formed the anti-corruption agenda in Armenia. The Government moved forward with the proposed agenda and the proposed anti-corruption reforms were implemented,” Mr. Zadoyan emphasized.

He reminded that the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia presented a roadmap consisting of six points to the Government. The drafts on criminalization of illegal enrichment, the whistleblowers protection, as well as the introduction of an independent anti-corruption body, and introduction of the institute of beneficiary ownership have already have been adopted.

There are still things to do to reveal the beneficiary owners in the field of free economic competition, as well as in the re-launch of anti-corruption centers and the creation of a single joint anti-corruption body. “It’s time for anti-corruption reforms to start working. Besides, we should form a new anti-corruption agenda at the upcoming Conference of the Coalition,” the Coordinator of the Secretariat said.

Today’s session agenda included 3 issues: Ms Satik Badeyan, the Chairperson of the Governing Board of the Coalition introduced the issue referring the membership of 5 organizations that had applied to join the Coalition. These were: “Association of Audio-Visual Reporters’ Public Organization, Armenian Association of Young Doctors, “Journalists for Human Rights” NGO, “Spitak Helsinki Group” Human Rights NGO, and the Civil Society Institute.

Coordinator of the Secretariat Karen Zadoyan summarized the activities of the first composition of the Coalition.

The Board decided that the 2nd Conference of the Coalition will take place on July 21.