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Exclude the Current Outflow of Assets from the Territory of the RA



of the Governing Board of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations of Armenia

23.04.2018, Yerevan

Considering the priority the current situation in the Republic of Armenia and the need for constructive dialogue between the public, political forces and the authorities at present and the need for constructive dialogue between the society, the political forces and the authorities, as well as the need for good governance that has already been formed within the society; intolerance towards corruption; highlighting the role of the initiator and participant of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations of Armenia (Anti-Corruption Coalition) in recent years in the implementation of anti-corruption institutional reforms in the country (criminalization of illicit enrichment, introduction of the whistleblowers protection system, creation of the independent anti-corruption body – the Corruption Prevention Committee, introduction of the institute of beneficial owners in the sector of public procurement, etc) its continuity and ultimately to contribute to the formation of a new public agenda for the fight against corruption in Armenia:


The launch of public large-scale and radical anti-corruption reforms:

  1. For the purpose of compensation of damages caused to the Republic of Armenia as a result of corruption; prompt introduction of Asset Recovery Institute, within the framework of which it is necessary to undertake the process of returning the assets withdrawn from Armenia as a result of corruption to the RA state budget, involving the RA Central Bank, the RA Prosecutor’s Office, law enforcement bodies and the public and at the same time to exclude the current outflow of assets from the territory of the RA.
  2. For the purpose to eliminate the atmosphere of impunity in the country; the prompt detection of cases of illicit enrichment and the formation of a independent public experts panel within the coalition, which will be aimed at analyzing the declaration of property, income and conflict of interests submitted by officials, revealing cases of illicit enrichment and transferring them to the RA General Prosecutor’s Office for initiating criminal cases.
  3. For the purpose to gain public confidence in the fight against corruption; ensuring the legality, transparency and accountability for the election of the Competition Board Members: President of the Constitutional Court, Human Rights Defender, the oppositional factions of the National Assembly, the Public Council, Chamber of Advocates for the election of the members of newly formed Corruption Prevention Committee. Exclusion of mechanical reproduction of members of the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials, and selection of professional candidates having relevant anti-corruption experience and committed to integrity and anti-corruption values.
  4. For the purpose of effective fight against corruption; Establishing an Anti-Corruption Multifunctional Universal Body Based on the Anti-Corruption Commission of the Republic of Armenia, which in addition to educational and preventive functions in the fight against corruption, will be endowed with the function of conducting preliminary investigation, including the authority to conduct operative-investigative activities.
  5. For the purpose of fight against monopolies and dominating positions; Implementation of anti-corruption audit by an independent audit selected by the RA Anti-Corruption Commission from the commercial companies,; Establishing a Register of beneficial Owners and maintaining the Registry.
  6. For the purpose to combat political corruption in the elections; Implementation of radical anti-corruption reforms of the RA Electoral Code, RA Law on Political Parties, and the RA Criminal Code.
  7. For the purpose to combat corruption in the judicial system; the creation of a specialized court or a specialized tribunal on corruption cases, through the reform of human resources..


Below is the list of member organizations of the Governing Board of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations of Armenia

# Organisation Representative Marz/City
  “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO Secretariat of CSOs’ Coalition Karen Zadoyan Yerevan
  “SME Partnership Association” NGO Hakob Avagyan Yerevan
  Consortium of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises Sedrak Vardanyan Yerevan
  “Association of Audio-Visual Reporters’ Public Organization” Arzuman Harutyunyan Yerevan
  “Armenian UN Association” NGO Armine Poghosyan Yerevan
  “Logos” Youth NGO Ara Melikjanyan Shirak, Gyumri
  “Armenian Association of Young Doctors”NGO Gevorg Grigoryan Yerevan
  “Journalists for Human Rights” NGO Zhanna Aleksanyan Yerevan
  Foundation for Small and Medium Businesses Gagik Poghosyan Yerevan
  “Civitas” NGO Khachik Gevorgyan Yerevan
  “Union of Communities of Armenia” Emin Yeritsyan Yerevan
  “Regional Development and Research” NGO Satik Badeyan Gegharkunik, Sevan
  “Association of Accountants of SME of Armenia” NGO Vahagn Hambardzumyan Yerevan
  “Public Network” for cooperation with Governmental Structures Non-formal Union of Legal Entities, “Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Center” NGO Gevorg Manukyan Lori, Vanadzor
  “International Center for Human Development” NGO Tevan Poghosyan Yerevan
  “Civil Society Institute” NGO Artak Kirakosyan Yerevan
  “Association of Swiss Alumni: NGO Hasmik Hovhannisyan Yerevan
  “Student Council of the Armenian Diaspora” Samvel Mkoyan Yerevan
  “Civil Voice” NGO Arthur Hambardzumyan Yerevan
  “Union of Lorians” NGO Menua Brutyan Lori, Vanadzor